Why E-Bikes

I have been leading bike tours for the last nine years.  At first most of the people were riding road bikes.  Each year the number of people’s riding road bikes has diminished and the number of people riding e-bikes has increased.  Most of my tours have included a good deal of climbing. As my audience has aged so has their ability to keep. E-bikes have compensated that lost with a little pedal assist when needed.  Aging and physically limited riders can now enjoy the same long hilly tours and still achieve great physical exercise while staying up with younger riders.

I am 75 and still ride a road bike but recently added an e-bike motor to one of my bikes. I can foresee adding another ten years of riding. I have ridden over 75,000 miles all over the world and would be quite depressed to give it up when an e-bike can give me that little extra boost to keep going.


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